February favourites

Hello ladies!

Of course you're familiar with this kind of post and i thought i should use it as well. initially wanted to take on this type of post since January, but since i started the blog at the middle of the month, i said to myself that I'll start with February. I like reading every month what the other ladies have been using, so, what the heck? From now on I'll try to show you every month my favorite products.

This would be the products that were always included in my routine, whether it's hair, body, skin or make-up routine. Hm...just had a kind of a twist to this kind of post: what do you think about a faves post with the favorite clothes? Although, not for February, since there weren't that many OOTDs. But as the weather improves (hopefully!!...pls God, make it stop snowing!!! I love the snow but this is like an overdose...geesh!!!), my OOTDs will increase in number.

Anyways...focus!!! back to the products, remember?! :D

Since I got the Bob I've been more dependent on the hair straightener than ever, so been using at least once a week the Kallos Latte hair mask to protect my hair. And i try to use the straightener not more than 2 times/week. I think I will tell you about my straightener in a future review, since i have been very satisfied with it.

Next is the Avon shower gel Glazed apple&walnuts. Bought it in December i think because of the offer for the whole set and because i just loooove...loooove the smell. It smells soooo yuuuummmmy!!! Usually i alternate with Nivea Happy time, but not this month.

Moving on to skin routine, we have the Cosmetic Plant Beauty milk (review here), Vichy Essetielles face cream & cleanser (review cream & review cleanser) and last but not least, Cosmetic Plant's Gommage cream.

Hm...just realised that the Grape seeds oil has been misplaced in the photos :))) Should have been with the skin care products but since I took the pictures soon after i had woke up...maybe that's why i put it with the make-up products. Don't know what was in my head :)))) Been using it twice a day, in the morning and evening, in the morning as an eye contour cream, and in the evening on the whole face, instead of cream.

Now we can move on to the make-up products. Well, i included the Oriflame Corai nail polish that i complained about here, it's not beauty related but didn't want to take a picture just with the nail polish, it would feel lonely :)))) Since i loved the color so much i did use it quite often this month, despite the problems i told you about.

What do we have next? My absolute favorite mascara: Maybelline Volume express. I'm thinking of telling you ladies about it, since i have been so happy with it. For foundation i've used my Colorstay, told you about it, it's futile to praise it any longer. It is like the lemma of foundations :))) (in mathematics, a lemma is a type of theorem that doesn't need a demonstration, as it is well knowned and accepted to be true). And of course I had to include the Farmasi True color No7 lipstick (swatch here). I just love it!!!

In the end thought I should include my hair straightener as well. Since it does such a great job without ruining my hair. It's a Remington, can't remember which model. Had it for more than 2 years but didn't use it very often until now. It has triple protection: ceramic, tourmaline and teflon; and adjustable temperature (i use it at the lowest setting since my hair is soft and thin).

What were your February faves?

LE: sorry, sorry, forgot to include the links, but just took care of that


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