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Hello ladies!

Yesterday was very busy for me and didn't get to check my emails when i got home. Just went to bed so you can imagine my surprise and enthusiasm this morning when i read my email from Trender, telling me that I've been selected to participate in Ivatherm's Word of Mouth campaign. Soooooooo excited and happy! Jumping up and down like a little kid in the candy store :) To my international readers (as few as you are) Ivatherm is the first Romanian brand of dermocosmetics, made with Herculane thermal water

Didn't tested any products yet, although i did buy the micellar lotion, but as previously said, i am saving it for warmer times. So i am very very curious and can't wait for the package to arrive! We had to choose 2 products that we would like to test and was thinking of telling you what i chose, but i think I'll just show you when i get my package. Hurraaaaay! Not in a million years did i think that i would be chosen for the campaign (with my "luck" and all) so you can imagine my surprise.

In other news, have to stop by my dad's place any time soon, in order to retrieve the package with the samples from Gerovital. In the form they said i would receive the samples in about 3 weeks but, they arrived few days after. to my surprise. I'm liking very much how our Romanian brands have started to think about their PR and taking measures accordingly. I am very happy that we can now compare campaigns done by, say, L'Oreal (Vichy, La Roche Posay)  with campaigns done by our brands. I sure wish and hope that Gerovital and Ana Aslan brands reach the level of appreciation they once had (pre 1989).



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