DYI: Statement necklace

Hello ladies!

The first official day of spring. Huuurraaaaayyy! Or not...haha...I hate this weather already. OK, when it first snowed this year I was pretty excited because I really like it when it snows. The second time around was great too, because i missed the snow. But come on already!! It's march and there are still negative temperatures.

Anyways...martisor...how did you spend your day? Did you get lots of flowers? I visited my dad because tomorrow he leaves on business and won't see him for some time. And I had to get him a trinket for today :D He's originally from Moldova and there the tradition was to give everyone trinkets for the 1st March. It was considered a sign of respect and a sign of spring, so men and women alike would receive them. And here are some virtual tulips for you ladies, to celebrate spring.

Now, back to the DYI. Uff...this post should have been made in February but I didn't get around to buying all the things that i needed for last month's DYI project. I know it's necklace...yet again...but in my defense, I have been wanting this kind of necklace for a long time now. I promise I'll come up with a different DIY for this month, maybe it won't involve jewelry at all. I'll see what I can come up with.

This is the finished necklace, well not quite finished because I still have to attach some kind of tieing system, which I still have to find. And I'll explain to you how I made it, it was again a very simple DIY, the binding was tricky lost quite some time with that problem.

Here are the materials I've used:
 - 1/2 meter of chain no 1 => 7.5 ron
 - 1/2 meter chain no2 => 3.5 ron
 - 1 1/2 meters chain no 3 => 4.5 ron
 - 1 meter chain no 4 => 3 ron
 - 1 meter chain no 5 => 4 ron
 - little transparent beads => 5 ron
 - red beads => 10 ron
Total: 37.5

 Step 1: I twisted the second chain around the first. The idea was to go from the biggest chain to the smallest.

Step 2: Twisted the small transparent beads and tried to keeps the on the string they came on and use them as such, so I won't have to do extra work (to put them on thread). But if you have to do that as well, you'll need some thread and a needle also.

Step 3: Since I couldn't do the same with the red beads, I had to go, get thread and needle, string the beads and then, finally, twist them as well around the necklace.

Step 4: Thought I would combine the 3 smaller chains into one. So I plaited them together and then wrap them around too. And I guess, that's it. You're done!

Finally, wanted to show you how I binded all the chains and bead strings. I used a piece of the second chain for the binding and to that will attach the binding system. I have to find something appropriate for the weight of the necklace (it is kind of heavy with all those chains). But I'm in no rush, with the weather outside I only wear sweaters, layers over layers, and not quite in the mood for dressing how i would like to (that's why there haven't been anymore outfit posts)

So...what do you think? Do you like it? Do you like to wear statement necklaces in general?


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  1. My God! E SUPERB! Imi plac mult bijuurile mari, opulente, dar in acelasi timp deosebite, de bun gust si putin mai feminine. Imi place la nebunie si in mod sigur dupa ce deprind tainele margelitului o sa-mi fac si eu asa ceva :)

  2. mama lui de net ....
    @Joice - >:D< :*:* Tocmai ce stateam bosumflata ca nu e nicio reactie. Ma bucur ca-ti place si nu e greu de facut, doar rasucesti p-acolo cum iti vine tie, mi s-a parut mai greu doar desfacutul si inchisul zalelor

  3. wow! chiar e superb! o primavara frumoasa! :*

  4. @A.M. - mersi. O primavera frumoasa iti spread si tie :*


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