The Ivatherm goodies have arrived

Hello ladies!

First of all, I'm truly sorry for not posting in such a long time, it has been a combination of factors that led to my long absence but i will try to post regularly from now on (hopefully)...bare with me pls ;;)

So, remember when i told you about being chosen for the Trender WOM Ivatherm campaign? If you don't, you have the link :)) Today i went to the post office and got my goodies and i will reveal them to you...ha ha :D The first thought that popped into my head this morning was: "i have to go and get my Ivatherm goodies at once". So i jumped real quick out of bed got dressed then left. Half an hour later i was back home all excited with the package in hand and camera in my dad's :)))

Now, have i made you curious enough about what products did i choose? Drum rolls........still.....
The products that i chose were the IVADERMASEB cream for redness and squams and RESVERATROX Anti-cellulite lotion. How did i get to chose these items? Even with their large selection of products, i got to thinking about what are the 2 things that bother me most and want to improve. So i immediately thought about the redness and squams...oh the squams...did i complained enough about them until now? I sure don't think so...and I'm going to complain about them some more in the future (when I'll publish the review for the Ivadermaseb cream it will be squams overload)  :P. And the second thing that has been bothering me, but didn't tell you until now is my cellulite. It's not bad, and that's why i didn't choose the Forte version of the lotion, but i want to whip my ass into shape (literally :P) and this lotion is like the kick that i need to get back to exercising  because i am reeeeaaaaaally obsessed with my shorts during summer and want to look my best.

In the end I'll leave you with some pictures (not very good ones but lighting was the last thing on my mind at the time, if you get what i mean? ;) ). Do you like my dad's working area? The perfect decor :))))

Will come back with first impressions about the products.



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