Outfit post: Same skirt, different vibe

Hello ladies!

Cardigan: Mini Prix || Shirt: C&A || Skirt: Zara (gift from zah bf) || Textured tights: Accesorize (sale again) || Belt: New Yorker || Boots: Zara

Yes, i know, same skirt again, and booties but in my defense, i love the skirt and the are just so comfy and perfect. Anywho, I'm trying to post an OOTD/week, haven't yet figured out which day of the week, we'll see as it goes. As you've noticed, changed the layout as well, pictures first, rambling after :D

 Wore this outfit on Sunday, when i went out with my bf to check up some shops and then went to O'Hara, a nice little Irish pub. We like to go there for the nice atmosphere, the live music and the unfiltered beer (is that the correct term? sounds wrong). And apparently, now we have a new reason, the awesome food. We got a Sheppard's Pie, that i must mention it was huge, and soooo good. I wanted to take pictures, and said to myself, we'll eat a little, take pictures then eat some more. Do you see any pictures of food anywhere? Well, of course not :)))...It was so damn good, by the time i remembered about the pictures it was all gone. Yuummmy!

So, after the sunny and warm Saturday that i got to spend at home :(, Sunday didn't want to stay in and i was determined to wear the skirt again. Oh my, that was fun, for my boyfriend that is. I was horrified when i saw that it started to snow...AGAIN!!!!!!....i mean come on!!!...was a little cold but if i walked really fast my legs would warm up :))) Me and my bright ideas...haha



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  1. foarte frumos!!!imi place!te pup dulce!

  2. @Modniza - esti o draguta, as usual pup :*


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