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Hello ladies!

Before I start with the actual post I want to tell you that i will be missing for a few more days (as you've already noticed) due to the fact that i have to work on a project. Yeeeeey!!!!! Very happy me!!!! Haven't had many opportunities to actually use what i learned at the university so that's why i am very excited. Well, the problem is, everything is written in French and i have to translate it all and understand at the same time and between running errands for my dad, school and working on the project, i can hardly write something  :((( I have a lot of stuff to prepare, I am soooo far behind  but will try, little by little, to write all the posts. By the way, hope you like my new template :D 

So, as I told you some time ago, today I'm going to talk about my plan for getting my ass back in shape. There was a time, about 3 years ago, when i used to go rollerblading almost everyday (during summer time) and exercise regularly. If I would gain a few kilos they wouldn't show (now, even if I lose 1 kg you can see the difference in my legs) and cellulite was non-existent. I was skinny and feeling good. Actually, it wasn't the fact that I was skinny that made me feel good, because I don't mind that much the fact that now i have a little more junk in the trunk :D , it was the fact that my body was really toned.

So I planned to tone my body a little but I'm so used to the couch potato situation which makes it harder to mobilize. But, summer is near, I like my skirts and shorts to be as short  as possible, without being vulgar, plus, what girl doesn't want to look good in her bikini?!

 Let's talk first of all about my diet. It's kind of a weight watchers kind of diet meaning that I try not eat some foods but not that restrictiveness as  usual diets. So, I do not eat bread (but I don't eat it  in general), pork, wish I could not eat chicken as well since, nowadays, chicken is fatty as well, sweets, do not drink soft drinks, instead I do eat rice (huge fan of rice, i would eat it every day), drink lots of water and teas, in the mornings my favorite meal is yogurt with musli, nuts, fruits and a little bit of honey (perfect way to start the day) and I like to alternate with eggs. Aside that, it's just the usual, lots of vegetables and fruits. And once a week I have to allow myself some kind of a reward in the form of dark chocolate (Hello! My name is Sihaya and I am a choco-holic :D), Heidi with 85% cocoa is my favorite (any more cocoa than that and you can just skip the chocolate and go take a mouth-full of cocoa powder haha ).

Next would be my exercise routine. I was a very active person but not so much lately, among my favorite activities for exercising are rollerblading, tae bo and when i'm in the mood for something more relaxing and a little more stretching i go for pilates. My favorite tae bo workouts are from Billy Blanks, haven't tried other tae bo workouts but with Billy Blanks' variety i don't feel the need. As for pilates, i go for the Windsor cds. Oh, i almost forgot about the 8 minute workout for my abs (it's a little video), i do this too, it's very effective.

Before i start any tae bo workout i apply the Resveratrox cream (at the moment, but i use whatever anti cellulite cream i have at the time), wrap my upper legs, ass and abdomen in foil. I sweat and get a workout at the same time, what could be better? Well getting rid of the cellulite and losing weight without breaking a sweat... haha :D And another trick i use, to intensify the workout is use weights for my feet: 1 kg/leg for tae bo and half for pilates (1 kg would be too hard for me right now, maybe later). I try to do a tae bo routine 3 times/week and the rest of the days pilates.

Hm...and i guess that's all i can think about right now. This is my routine and it has worked before, i just have to stick to it. Hope it's helpful

What's your getting back in shape strategy?



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