Oriflame triple core & Farmasi True color swatches

Hello ladies!

Long time, no...nothing! ;;) Finally, some well deserved rest for me and what do i do, i write some much postponed posts. So I'll start with these swatches. And like the maniac that i am, took lots of pictures with the lipsticks until i was sure you will be able to see their real colors. It's my first review for make-up products so if you feel that i've left something out or you'd like to know something more please let me know.

Initially i wanted to begin with the Oriflame lipstick but i changed my mind and I'll do the Farmasi one first. So...i have been searching lately for the perfect corai lipstick to go with my Oriflame coral nail polish. I told you i was in love with that color and decided that having it on my nails wasn't enough. I had to have it on my lips as well :D But did i think that a corai matte lipstick was hard to find? No, of course, but man, how wrong i was! So i looked, and looked...at first i just showed the vendors my nails but couldn't find anything
 and the second time i went, the nails were a different color. Everywhere i asked for a corai lipstick i was showed colors more on the red-ish side, and i always asked for something more orange, but nothing. Oh, the drama! Even if i didn't have the my nails for comparison i felt it wasn't that color plus i didn't liked how they looked on me. Finally, after an exam i went to IDM, and there i found my perfect corai lipstick to go with my corai nails: Farmasi True Color no. 7. And i like it very much, it's perfect! :D And creamy, with a matte finish (just how i like it), nourishing enough not to dry my lips. And the price:  6 ron (on their online shop) and i got it at 7 ron (as I've also said here)

Moving on to the Oriflame lipstick. First mentioned it here and Joice was pretty excited about the idea behind it, a 3 in 1 lipstick and i told her i would say a little something about it. I'm not that excited about the lipstick, mainly because i don't wear make-up appropriate for this color but when I'll start some experimenting with make-up, I'll try to find an easy one just perfect for it. So it's called a triple core lipstick because it has: matte lipstick, lip balm and lipstick with little glittery particles. It's the special edition of the triple core lipstick, thus the little heart :D and the color is Love Pink. I noticed that Avon has a lipstick with lipgloss and i guess this is the "counter punch". I think the guys at Oriflame were: "Oh no, look at Avon's lipstick, 2 in 1, what can we do about it? I know! Let's do a 3 in 1 lipstick! Beat this Avon!" :))) I've seen the product in Oriflame's catalogue and the it looks way more pigmented than it looked on my lips. Basically i think it has a sort of lip gloss finish without being sticky and because of the lip balm component it will nourish your lips. Price: 16 ron (currently) but the normal price is 27 ron

In conclusion i like them both and as i am not sure if i am going to buy another Triple Core i will surely get some Farmasi lipsticks and some other goodies.


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  1. Mersi mersi mersi mult de review! M-am indragostit de culoare, ce roz-mov frumos 8-> Purdyness! Acum sa vad unde gasesc un reprezentant Oriflame in Constanta. Cred ca dau o tura prin Carrefour maine sau ceva, ca mereu sunt fetele acolo :D

  2. @Joice - cu placere, succes la gasirea unui reprezentant. Si eu caut unul in Bucuresti, ce bine ar fi daca as gasi si eu asa in Carrefour (pe mine m-a abordat doar de la Avon, exact ce nu-mi trebuie :( )

  3. waa...toata lumea a intrast in febra asta cu rujurile, numai eu sunt pe langa..si de cand am mai citit pe diverse bloguri am tot testat prin magazine rujuri, si nu am gasit nimic care sa'mi placa si sa'mi vina si bine:))... i guess lipstick's not for me! :))

  4. @Iulia - doar s-a nimerit asa, sa scriu despre rujuri tocmai cand au scris si celelalte fete despre colectia lor de rujuri. Si eu am cautat destul de mult pana mi-am gasit unul care sa-mi placa. Poti sa incepi cu unul nude, you can't go wrong there. Am citit pe undeva ca pt a gasi nuanta perfecta de ruj nude te uiti la culoarea de la interiorul buzei

  5. Hmmm...cum am putut sa nu observ aceasta nuanta de Corai pana acum?? Este superba!!!


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