This week's obsessions - Wishlist part I

Hello ladies!

It's that time of the week again, isn't it? So...this week it's going to be something different, because my birthday is coming up in 9 days (yes, if u did sum it up, my bday is on V-day, goddamn it!),  as in I'll show you my wish-list. It's not that big, i really don't NEED anything but i do WANT something here and there. What's a girl to do without a wish-list? hihi

I'm searching for the perfect deal for this belt...i want it SOOO BAAAD...and someday it's gonna be mine haha

I've heard great things about the Dermanew Rejuvenation system., Can i please have it?!

 Oh...this i really NEED...I'm in the search for a concealer palette, not too pricey...what do you guys recommend?

I can't believe that soon we'll be able to buy H&M in Romania. Hurrraaaayyy!!! I've got my eyes on these stunning looks, especially the dress... I'm in love with it! love wanna get married and have babies with it...Juuust kidding :P... But still

There are a few other things, mainly jewelry, but I'm too tired now to search for the name (I totally forgot it), i think they're gonna be in next week's obsessions, as a second part



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