Mirror, mirror, on the wall...is my skin hydrated at all?

Hello ladies!

Yesterday i had my appointment with Denise Dideata for the Vichy dermatological consultation and wanted to share it with you ladies, the ones that don't get to go to something like this. She seemed very nice, very likable, natural, wasn't wearing make-up and the overall impression was very good. The consultation is not that big of a deal. Everything consist in an apparatus with some kind of sensor, some sort of little vacuum pump and lots of indicators for skin type, level of hydration, SPF and elasticity.There were other thingyies there but she didn't use them so i have no idea what they are for.

The doctor first used the sensor to find out what type of skin i have: first it's placed on the jaw, right under the cheek, close to the ear and then on your temple. Mine is dry for the jaw and normal at the temple, no surprise here. Next she measured the hydration level by again placing the sensor in the same 2 areas. Mine, as it happens, came out as dehydrated which i found it odd but that's the result. The third test she used the sensor for was to establish the SPF necessary for my skin: 40 for me (no surprise here either). That's all with the sensor, moving to the little vacuum pump: it's used in the outer corner of the eye to determine your skin's elasticity. Mine came out 88 which is very close to the maximum and, for my age, is excellent (amen to the grape seeds oil). She has a chart and according to age, checks if the value is within a normal range, which, as the age increases, so does the normal range. At the end she looked at the overall face, noticed that i don't have problems, other than the occasional pimple and just recommended the Aqualia creme (oh, she did asked me what face cream i use) and also got the chance to test the Aqualia cream. Actually you could test any Vichy cream, they had all of them displayed.

I'm sorry now that i didn't took pictures of the nice and futuristic stand they had. Ufff...i often forget that now I'm a blogger hihi. Of course this diagnostic wasn't something fancy but i like that Denise explained every step of the way, of what the results meant, and i may not consider it essential because you know yourself and can sense if something is wrong with your skin but it is good to check now and again. I also took these tests during the summer (also at Centrofarm) and this time wanted to check the progress I've done since (because in the summer i had a really dried skin). So if any other ladies that didn't managed to go this round, there will surely be future offers like this one, they always do them in the summer (and have been for many years now). I think this was the first time they offered these tests during winter time.

Hope the information was useful...


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  1. yeap..really helpful because i have an appointment with her next week for the same tests :) :*


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