My experience with Revlon Colorstay

Hello (again) ladies!

I promised you this morning I'll also include a positive experience so to balance this day's earlier harsh review. Now, i told you some time ago that i finally bought the Revlon Colorstay and waited some time to try it out and not do this review (because it is kind of a review) in the heat of the moment. For a long time i've been having sort of a dilemma: Colorstay or Healthy Mix? Until i got a sample of Healthy Mix and it didn't quite convince me, actually it looked kind of cakey. Yes, i didn't use a primer, i didn't use brush and i didn't use the little foundation sponge, BUT in my opinion, a foundation should look good on you no matter how you apply it. Because, one day, you could wind up without the tools, and what are you supposed to do then, go out with that cakey face? Noo waaay! If it's the foundation for you it should look good either way, i know that using a sponge or a brush makes it look even better and natural and all that jazz, but still.

And another factor that contributed to my decision was lovely Adyna's "showdown" between Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix. So went to Cora Lujerului and tried it, but didn't buy it right away. Why? Well in my mind, i thought that maybe i could get a better deal if i bought online since you can find at 40 ron (the price in Cora is 63 ron). But as i was circling around, like a vulture :P, i said to myself: "What the hell, for 13 ron, cause the shipping might be around 10 ron, and all the waiting around for the shop to have the normal/dry skin formula and then my color. OMG!" (you should know...I'm the math girl...all about optimizing hihi) So i bought it and I'm glad i did!

I won't go on telling you about what this product promises because I'm sure you all know but i will tell my experience. The first impression applying the foundation for the first time was not a very good one because i was waiting for that medium coverage and thought i didn't get it. But after 10 minutes or so after applying the foundation, it looked better. Did you get that impression too? And was excited with the final result: natural, medium coverage indeed. I've always used my fingers to apply it and had no problems. The finish is a matte one, but if you're looking for a more glowy finish you can add some highlight. Some girls complain that they don't get to blend it well, and get spots and stuff like that, well not me :P Another big issue: the lack of a pump. Haven't had difficulties because of that either, i just put the back of my hand over the bottle, tip it upside down and reverse, take the bottle gently off my hand and there's the product. No muss, no fuss! If i need more i just repeat the procedure, and I've never waisted product. Going back to the applying part, as I've read in Adyna's review, i won't be trying to use a brush with this foundation but intend to get some sponges (maybe you have suggestions) and try that. And will come with an update on that

And what made me even happier? When i got home, told my boyfriend i had foundation on (he's been criticising me on this subject) and got his approval. That was the best! If Colorstay got my boyfriend's approval, what can anyone else say? :P



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  1. eeei.. e de bine daca ai acordul lui :)

  2. "Because, one day, you could wind up without the tools" ... si stii ca ai o problema cand o propozitie ca asta literally makes your heart skip a beat :)) De mai bine de 1 an folosesc doar pensula, nu-mi imaginez viata fara ea, poate si pentru ca trecerea de la makeup newbie la hardcore fanatic a fost brusca si n-am putut sa invat niciodata sa am acoperire decenta cu buretele sau *gasp* cu degetele :D

  3. @Mika - thanks, you're a sweetheart :D

    @Joice - putea considera ca este un avantaj faptul ca folosesc fdt de (stai ca acum trebuie sa calculez) 8 ani (maaan i'm old !!!) si tot timpul am folosit degetele. Sa vad cum o sa fie la mine cand o sa folosesc buretelul pt prima oara, oare ce dezastru o sa iasa?


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