This week's obsessions - Wishlist part II

Evening ladies!

Yeesss...i know you missed me...not...maybe just a little...had a very tough exam and had to study a lot and i had just enough spare time to catch up on my blogs but not compose anything. But i do have some posts prepared but i do have that promise from last week. Soo...i promised you that I'd complete my wishlist since there are 2 days left 'til my bday and i noticed i left out some items that i meant to put but can't imagine how i left them out.

Just a quick note: right now it's fashion week time in New York and all my favourite bloggers are out i envy them...i so wanna be in NY right now! (guess this could also be on the wishlist haha)

Moooving on...let's continue with my very short wishlist ;;)

I can't believe that i forgot last week to include the 88 palette and brushes kit. Up until now i didn't feel the need for color in my make-up routine because I've always liked natural make-up, and tend to just use beige, brown and soft pink. Every now and then (usually when i go out at night) i go for the brown smokey, which i thinks accentuates the "yellownes" in my eyes and i like that. But with all you girls and your lovely tutorials and your amazing make-up contests got me wishing for more colors. And the appropriate tools of course :D

I'm a huuuge fan of statement rings, and I've been drooling a lot over the ones at Asos, Inmydresser and Ydeltuyt and these two rings are my favorites.

And i saved the best for last...

Ah...the Mulberry Alexa...i can't actually afford one buuut...I've been searching for the perfect satchel, i have a fixation for this type of bag and want one as soon as possible. Have you spotted some nice satchels?
Oh oh...wait...i have another one...actually 2...not beauty or fashion related...The first one would be a new camera, a DSLR maybe, to take better photos...And the second: a Disturbed concert in Romania... Of all the bands i would like to see in a concert, this is among the few that i actually didn't get to see, YET! For more than 3 years now there has always been Disturbed in my phone and i still can't get enough. I'll leave you a little something from them, something soft for everyone (the intro from their latest album) :P

So i guess this is it. Nothing too fancy. Stay tuned, more posts coming hihi



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  1. Ador genul acele de inele, cu pietre semipretoase foarte mari!

  2. Hmmm ... deci zici ca iti plac statement rings? :D
    Evil I am! :D

  3. @Joice - girl you are evil! Numai 2000$, yeah sure i'll buy 1...actually make that 2...gotta have in silver and gold... :P


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