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It’s a brand new week and it’s review time haha. So what’s on the menu today? I chose the Vichy facial cleanser because I’ve been using it for soooo long (since they launched the Essentielles collection) and I’m not even thinking of changing it any time soon. I was planning on finishing and uploading this review early this morning but due to oversleeping and running errands i am, just now, getting around to it. Uufff

Little introduction:
It’s my second tube of this cleanser and I received it as a gift on Christmas, it came as a package with the cream reviewed some time ago here. Basically it’s supposed to replace your cleansing milk but i don’t really like the idea of removing make-up by washing directly. But for the sake of this review I also tried this too.
Product description:
Skin Type
Suitable for all skin types including sensitive.
Cleanses, removes makeup and tones the skin.
Face is perfectly cleansed. Makeup is removed. Skin feels toned and refreshed.
Active Ingredient
With Rose Polyphenols
The rose is an ingredient recognized its hydrating and soothing. It contains polyphenols, in nature, protect the flowers against external aggressions and assure their freshness. This foaming cream contains 21% glycerin, moisturizing active reference cleaning, cleansing and toning gently without drying effect.
Foaming cream. Gently cleanses and removes make-up
Flowery, light and fresh fragrance
Hypoallergenic - Paraben free - Tested under dermatological control
Apply every day in the morning and/or the evening
Lather and rinse with clear water.
100 Ml tube, no box

Ingredients: guess no ingredients here either

Quick pros and cons:       
+ cleans really well
+ calms the redness
+ no irritation on the face
+ you only need very little product
- not good for your eyes
 I really, really like this cleanser. I think it does its work and cleanses my face really good, not to much though, we wouldn’t want that. I only use every few days in the shower to wash my face before i apply a mask but this cleanser main purpose is to remove make-up. As i’ve previously said i don’t like the idea but have to admit that i was a little bit curious and since i knew i wanted to make a review on this product i thought i should test it all the way. So, one evening, after i removed the eye make-up went to the bathroom and started to wash my face. It cleaned my face as good as when i don’t have make-up on. What i like a lot is that you only have to use a drop of product and, as you wash, it will create foam and lots of it, so 100 ml lasted almost 1 year with my usage rate. CAUTION though, if you get it in your eyes it stings like hell and in light of that i won’t recommend it using it to remove eye make-up.

I recommend this product, i would definitely buy it (if i don’t get it again next Christmas haha) and i’m not tempted at all to replace it with anything else, yet.
Price: 18-21 ron or so/100 ml


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