Outif Post and a new haircut

Hello ladies!

Today was super busy for me, got up early in the morning (couldn't sleep anymore, grrr), met with my dear friend Oana at the park, went for a short walk, in order to search for the perfect place to take photos with my outfit. Couldn't find a place where we could take good photos with me not having to stare at the sun. Eh, we didn't search that long either, so took some photos real quick then went to get some hot tea. After I met with Oana, took my boyfriend for a quick tour at Bershka, New Yorker and Zara. Left with a few things that i will show you tomorrow i think, because I'm tired right now and not in the mood at all for taking nice photos.

Now, i mainly wanted to do this outfit post in order to show you ladies my new haircut. Just got it yesterday. It's a little shorter than what i was looking for, but in a month it'll be just perfect :D

kind of a before picture, though this one was taken in July

Aaaannnnd after :D, what do you think? 
Coat: No name
Scarf: No name (got it at a hand-made fair)
Sweater: No name
Pants: Zara
Boots: Lumberjack by Alexana
Belt: Ama something
(don't remember, also got it at a hand-made fair)
Bag: Unda



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  1. great haircut.you look great..:*

  2. iti sta bine tunsa asa :) si eu m-am tuns azi. doar putin varfurile pentru ca vreau sa-l lasa sa creasca

  3. iti sta foarte bine cu bob.outfit cool pentru o plimbare.pupici

  4. @yoana - mers mersi

    @A.M. - mersi, si eu il tot cresteam pana acum dar era deja prea mare bataie de cap

    @modniza - mersi, ma bucur ca-ti place outfit-ul

    >:D< :*:* pentru toate


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