Review Balea Urea lip balm + a little extra

Hello ladies!

I know, i know, I've been a bad blogger and promised you some swatches and a nail tutorial. But I'm a little in over my head + the gold nail polish is is bullshit and ruined my tutorial but i will do the tutorial as soon as i come up with a solution. But what don't i do for a little blogging ;;) so as I'm sipping my morning hot chocolate I'm also finishing this little review.

A little introduction:

I remember, when i first discovered beauty blogs some months ago, reading about DM and all the girls were talking about what they bought in DM and i was: what the frack is DM people?! Silly me didn't even thought googleing it, it's that simple, but nooo, as smart as i am didn't even cross my mind. So i got over it, and then one day...something magical happened...well not magical but i was strolling through Auchan Militari i saw a big sign over a store: DM. Eureka!! It wasn't like a light bulb had just appeared over my head it was like Christmas lights. Went in and thought: so this was what all that fuss was about, look at these products, some are quite cheap!

So i looked around a little bit and decided to buy the Balea Urea lip balm, first of all because, as the rest of the skin on my body, my lips are dry no matter the season, no matter how mush water i drink (family heirloom haha). Second of all, i have a moisturizer with urea that i use for my hands and it's very very good. Urea is a great ingredient and if you have dry skin it's a must.

Product description:

So it turns out i couldn't find any description on this lip balm, i couldn't even find it even on the Balea official site (which is German only!!! grrrr!!!) and i threw away the packaging. GRRRR!!! even more. But from what i know about urea I'll tell you that is supposed to alleviate very dry, even cracked lips.

Ingredients: no ingredients as well but i remember reading that it contains 5% urea

My opinion:

Skipping the traditional quick pros and cons because I'm so disappointed with this product
that i don't want to think  about pros and want to finish quickly with this review and get back to studying. So, basically it does no more and no less than the Nivea Essential Care lip balm. Oh, i take that back, if you apply too mush product on your lips it will look kinda milky and you'll get a "lovely and fashionable" white contour around your lips. BUT WAIT, i  have a PRO: the package! And that's it.


I don't recommend this lip balm (and i even haven't seen it again in DM since bought it).  THE END

Now, since it was such an ugly review i decided to treat you ladies to something nice. Took this pictures just before starting to write.

And for the end let me share with the song that i have on repeat since i woke up (the lyrics are so great). Do you ladies know Paramore or maybe Hayley Williams? Paramore is a rock band and Hayley is their lead singer (maybe you know her from "Airplanes"). Needless to say i like Paramore a lot and Hayley has some awesome and colourful make-up in most of the videos. When I'll have the tools I'll definitely try a Paramore inspired make-up.



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  1. uhhh yum yum . Ce bine arată ciocolata, nu cred că aș avea răbdare să mi-o ornez cu frișcă și scorțișoară sau ce e acolo:))
    Cât despre o soluție pentru buzele super uscate/crăpate etc de ce nu încerci crema de gălbenele?! 3 lei și e DIVINĂ! I-am făcut review și sunt sigură că mai găsești încă câteva care duc la aceeași conlcuzie : E UN MUST HAVE!!

  2. Iguanitza, n-a durat mult s-o ornez, am pus frisca d-aia la tub + ca nu mai dadea asa bine in poze ciocolata asa de sine statatoare :D. Da, am citit la tine de crema de galbenele dar am zis sa incerc si asta tocmai pentru ca am crema aia pe care o folosesc pentru maini si corp, cand e cazul, si sunt f multumita. Dar pt buze cred ca o sa-mi iau crema de galbenele si gata

  3. 1. Mi-ai facut o pofta fenomenala de ciocolata calda cu frisca
    2. Ce sweet e melodia!

  4. @Joice - 1.inseamna ca sunt reusite pozele atunci :P 2. si tu mi-ai facut acum pofta de melodie :D


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