Absolutely Fabulous Fair + Outfit post (pic heavy)

Evening ladies!

Let me tell you about the great day that I've had. Got up this morning, opened Bloglovin, as usual and as I checked the new posts and got to Wonder Fashion saw at the very end of the post that today there's gonna be Absolutely Fabulous Fair Bucharest and of course i had to go and I'm so happy i did. Why? Well because i had the chance to meet the lovely and charming Modniza from Fashion Doctor and Ana from High Street Cardigans. Also spotted Anaivillo and went to her just to say that i love her blog, i was like a little shy girl...geesh...i hope she didn't think i was a freak/stalker (insert biting nails). They all looked fabulous of course and i have the pictures to prove it.

I have to tell you how i got to meet Modniza: as i was heading for the stairs i noticed her with the back of my eye and found she looked familiar and looked again and asked "Modniza?" (geeeeesh again). She recognized me by my haircut, isn't it sweet hihi ;;) And i have to tell you that the fact that i saw her is something because i never notice people when walking on the street and i mean NEVER (hhmmm...maybe it has to do with the fact that i have music in my ears at the highest volume possible and tend to concentrate on that ;;) ) aaaannnd...I never run into people :D She showed me what she got and she had bought a headband very similar (if not the same) with one of mine...Just to show you that great minds do think alike haha. Told my boyfriend how excited i was that i met my first follower. I'm very happy that i had the chance to meet these lovely ladies, sad we couldn't chat more and hope to meet them again some day and talk more, and not be the little shy girl (it was my first time meeting fellow bloggers, gimme a chance, I'm not usually like that).

Now...about the fair...what can i say other that it was fabulous, got even a nice gift (will post pictures tomorrow though). I liked the location very much, liked what i saw at the fair and loved the fact that i saw a lot of well dressed ladies, not like the uniform, unimaginative type you see everyday on the streets here in Bucharest (and Romania in general).

Moving on to the outfit part of this post...i was very happy that the weather was unusually warm by comparison to previous days/weeks and i could wear the skirt that i got yesterday at Zara. i was feeling very girlie today and paired the skirt with a lace blouse, lace embellished cardigan  and my lovely bow belt.

Cardigan: vintage (DIY lace and buttons)
Lace blouse: No name (very old)
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Zara
Belt: Ama something
Bag: Unda 

There would be so much more to tell you but hope the pictures speak for themselves.Note to self: have to smile more while posing



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  1. Buna.Acu un minut citeam blogul Modnizei si asa l-am descoperit pe al tau si ma bucur tare mult.
    Sunt noua ta "urmaritoare" :)
    Mi-as fi dorit tare mult sa particip la targ insa imi doresc si mai mult sa se organizeze si la Timisoara o editie...macar o data pe an :)

    Foarte frumoase poze si foarte frumos look!
    Te salut

  2. ce combinatie faina
    imi place mult fustita :X
    dar si bluza :)

  3. buna, Iulia!si eu ma bucur mult ca te-am cunoscut!!!mi-a placut mult cum erai imbracata,so sweet!!!te pup.mersi pentru postare!!!

  4. @Diana - ma bucur ca-ti place umilul meu blogulet ;;) si mersi pt follow

    @A.M. - esti o draguta, mersi :*

    @Modniza - si mie mi-a placut mult cum erai imbracata, mereu iti admir cizmulitele tale roz hihi

    >:D< :*:*:*

  5. Aw, come on I didn't think you were a stalker:)) You were very kind :D I was surprised when you said that you knew me, it doesn't happen like every day you know :)) And thanks for mentionin me!! :D

  6. Ce-mi place cum te imbraci! I could take a few lessons -_-


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