Beauty disappointments

Hello ladies!

So here's the deal: i had some disappointments, like bigger than the Balea lip balm :D, i had some expectations about these products and they have been sooo let down. So just got the idea to start a new label: disappointments. Since I'm not usually the experimenting type when it comes to cosmetics, haven't experienced many of those and this was too much.
I should probably tell you what products I'm talking about, right? Well, which one should be the guess...alright...the nail polish from Oriflame that i received in the goodies bag from Absolutely Fabulous Fair and the Balea cleansing wipes that i got some time ago, told you here about them.

OMG...i totally forgot to post something about the goodies from Ab Fab. I thought i did and when i browsed the blog searching for them i noticed that i didn't. So i'll tell you quickly: got a triplecore lipstick, a white peel-off mask (yeeey...told you here that i wanted one) and a nail polish, all from Oriflame. Here's the pictures i had prepared for you:

Let's talk about the nail polish first, I'll finish quickly. There is something that i like about's the color, i am totally in love with it. It's called Fiery Coral, from the Voyage line (or something, i have no idea about Oriflame products, i don't use them at all), i was so happy when i saw the color because i had been wanting something similar for some time. Oh, so you won't say that i was harsh, it dries quite quickly, i like that too. Now, moving on to the disappointing part: it chips very easy...and i mean, i just finished my nails and went to take a shower (not an usual order but any excess and mistakes would just wash away), came out of the shower, the polish on my right hand thumb and index finger was chipped. I was stunned, but after i recovered, cleaned my nails, repeated the whole process all over again...the next day, guess what? The picture was taken that next day and it's my left hand, but if you look closely you'll notice

Next are the cleansing wipes from Balea. So far i have had 3 different beauty products from Balea, all disappointing (the lip balm, the wipes and eyes roll-on). Oh wait, I'm being mean :P, i also have the liquid soap with mango and papaya and i love it. And I'm wondering: is it just my bad luck that i always buy something from Balea that isn't good? Iguanitza sure liked their SOS roll-on for acne, why can't i be inspired like that? hahaha Now, let's get to the cleansing wipes, shall we?

Product description:

I'll translate for you guys the description on the package:
3 in 1 Cleansing wipes for dry/ sensitive skin. Purifying cleanse
Removes even the waterproof make-up. The basis for a beautiful skin the Balea cleansing products purify and vitalize your skin - prepares the sensitive skin  for further care???. Cleansing, purifying and removing make-up. Soft but efficient the Balea cleansing wipes don't contain alcohol and are specially made for the normal and mixed skin needs. For a quick and optimal cleanses suited for the skin and the delicate area around the eyes. The sebum, impurities and waterproof make-up will be gently, but efficiently removed. The fine vitamin E emulsion refreshes the skin and keeps it hydrated, protecting against drying skin.
 There is a little extra but i think u get the general idea


Quick cons (no pros here):

 - not enough product on the wipes
 - you have to rub your face real good to remove even normal make-up
 - long term: sensitizes the skin


First of all let's talk about the description: i don't get it, is it for dry/sensitive  or normal/mixed skin?!  What is that??? But let's forget that for a moment because it's not the real issue with these wipes. As i was saying above, there very little product of these wipes and when i tried to remove my make-up i had rub my face quite a bit to remove the make-up from my face, which wasn't waterproof (geesh...can you imagine how that would've been?!). Such a nice feeling to rub your eyes too and feel that burning sensation! Ok, so i said to myself that I'll no longer use them to remove the make-up but, since I've bought them, I'll use them to clean my face when i don't have make-up and see how that goes. Did that for few days until i noticed a familiar stinging sensation when i applied my Apidermin. You know that sensation, when you use something inappropriate for your skin, you sensitive skinned ladies surely know what I'm talking about. The damn wipes sensitized my skin to the point that even good and tested products wouldn't agree with my skin anymore. That has never happened to me. Did anyone else experienced something like this with a product?? So now I'm not using them anymore, I'll some use for them, but nothing that includes myself or skin.

Uff...this was a harsh one, but I'll try to post later about my very happy experience with Revlon Colorstay. To balance it up a little :D



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  1. My comment is kind of off topic, but regarding the Balea lip balm, I have the "balea sensitive" one and from what I remember it is supposed to have shea butter - it's really creamy and I love it - I'm sure going to buy it again. I've had Garnier repair (also with shea butter), but there was something off about it - every time I applied it on my lips I felt like something was missing, that I needed something more. (don't know if I'm making much sense :D ).
    I didn't buy the one with urea because it made me think of gross things. :P

  2. @ioana - thanks for the suggestion, i guess i'll give it a try, if i can find it. About the Garnier, i totally understand :D and about the urea lip balm: i know it makes you "think of gross things" but believe me this ingredient is a skin saver if you have very very dry flaky skin

  3. Ha! I knew there was no point in crying that I can't get any Balea stuff (only way to get there is by car, I has no car, not paying 20 lei for a cab to craptown).
    But I WANT that triple core lipstick! I'm such an idiot. "Dual core lipstick? Ha, that is sooooo gimmicky, no way am I buying into their marketing plot!" and then I see this and I want it, because, hey, TRIPLE core lipstick :D And it has a heart in the middle, how effin' sweet is that?
    Aaaaaaaaaaand I had no idea I was in your blog roll, read a few quick posts, LOVE your English, you have mad skills, love your in depth reviews, am adding you to my blogroll so I can stalk your blog :D

  4. @Joice - your comment just made my day! Really!! Stalk away with pleasure haha I'm preparing a review for the triple core since you're so interested in it, I think it's a new product, I could be wrong (i don't know anything about Oriflame :D). And thanks for adding me to your blog roll >:D< :*


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