Absolutely Fabulous Fair Sep 2011 + outfit


with the yammy-est cupcakes in hand

I totally forgot about my handsfree and took all the pics with it :)))

newest addition in my shoes collection

 and newest addition to jewelry, bought it at Ab Fab

Top: Zara (on sale) / Skirt: New Yorker / Bracelets: hand-made (bought at Ab Fab) / 
Flats and necklace: Random / Ring: H&M

RO: Inca un targ "absolut fabulos"...da...cam asa as putea descrie cea mai recenta editie Absolutely Fabulous Fair dar cu totul alta experienta de aceasta data. Pentru ca in loc sa merg cu el, m-am intalnit cu 2 colege din blogosfera Andreea (A Beauty Tale) si Stefana (The Pretty Blossoms).

Evident ca zapacita de mine a ajuns cu 30 de minute mai devreme, din greseala, dar a fost ok, porumbeii m-au distrat asa cum stateau pe marginea fantanei si faceau baie, erau atat de simpatici si nu m-am putut abtine sa nu fac si cateva poze.

Atunci cand au ajuns si fetele ne-am indreptat catre Villa Rodizio, locatia unde se tine Ab Fab iar o data ajunse am inceput sa cutreieram prin camerele pline cu bijuterii si haine ce-ti furau privirea, pantofi, genti, tot ce-si poate dori o fashionista. Andreea a plecat destul de repede asa ca am ramas eu si Stefana sa cutreieram, si sa ne exprimam admiratia pentru minunatele rochii maxi, vaporoase, cu sifon si dantela  prin numeroase onomatopee :))). Am plecat de acolo cu cea mai draguta bratarica, floarea este placata cu aur iar sforicica este din matase deci e rezistenta. Pur si simplu o pui pe mana si uiti de ea. Stefana a facut niste cumparaturi mai consistente dar eu nu va zic nimic, o las pe ea sa va povesteasca ;)

M-a intristat faptul ca nu au mai avut abtipilduri cu Absolutely Fabulous, ca cel de pe laptopul meu, aveam planuit sa iau mai mult pentru ca am tinut minte cand m-a intrebat cineva daca mai un sticker si nu aveam, iar acum m-am gandit sa-i iau si ei unul dar ia de unde nu-i :(((

Dupa ce am terminat la targ am mers la o limonada buna si sa mai stam la povesti. Am uitat cumva sa va spun despre briosele gustoase pe care le-am mancat? Da, nu am poze dar le puteti vedea aici si daca planuiti sa treceti pe la V for Vintage aveti si sansa de a le gusta.

In concluzie, am avut un weekend superb petrecut in companie foarte buna, targul a fost foarte bine organizat, ca de obicei, au fost si expozanti dupa care m-am uitat si nu i-am vazut dar asta e, data viitoare.

EN: Another absolutely fabulous fair...yes...without capitals because that's how I'd describe the latest Absolutely Fabulous Fair but a different experience this time. Because instead of dragging him along I met up with fellow bloggers Andreea (A Beauty Tale) and Stefana (The Pretty Blossoms).

Of course that silly me arrived 30 minutes earlier by mistake, but no matter, the pigeons were entertaining enough, lying by the edge of the fountain and bathing, they were so cute, just couldn't help myself and snapped some quick photos.

So, after finally meeting the girls, we headed towards the wonderful Villa Rodizio, where Ab Fab is always held and upon arriving we started to wonder through the rooms full of wonderful jewelry and clothes, shoes, bags, whatever any fashionista's heart may desire. Andreea left pretty quickly so after that it was me and Stefana just strolling along, uuuu-ing and aaa-ing at all the maxi and flowy dresses, chiffon, lace and everything nice (myeah...I was going for a rime :))) ). I left with the cutest little bracelet, the flower is gold plated and the string is silk, so you know it lasts. Simply put it on and for just forget you have it on. Stefana's shopping was more consistent but I'm not going to tell you anything, I leave it up to her :D

I was pretty sad that they didn't have those cute and adorable Absolutely Fabulous stickers, like the one on my laptop. I was planning in get more of these, I remembered someone asking me for one and wanted to get her one but they didn't have any :(((

Afterwards we went for a good limonade, talked some more. Did I sort of forgot to tell you about the awesome muffins we got from Ab Fab? Yes, I don't have pictures but you can check them here and get a chance to eat them at V for Vintage this weekend.

Bottom line, it was a great weekend spent in great company, the fair was well organized, as usual, I did look for some specific vendors and didn't see them, oh well...next time.


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  1. Imi place mult cel de-al doilea outfit si bratarica e tare cute! Pup!

  2. @Andreea - ma bucur ca iti place :*


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