Yesterday's shopping

Hello ladies!

As i was browsing through the daily blogs i saw Camelcutza's post on the MiniPrix sale, and since i had to go to the university anyway i take a detour on the way and stop and see what all the fuss was about. Apparently, about nothing, because they didn't have a lot of things though i liked the fact the the sweaters were arranged according to color and i didn't have to browse through everything, just my usual colors, white, beige, brown. Tried some things but the size didn't fit BUT...i am extremely happy that i found something I've been looking for: a silver jumper. Yeey!!! I've been obsessing over the silver one from H&M Trend and searched for something similar, and finally found it. I promise i'll include it in an uotfit post but currently i'm not leaving the house due to learning for exams (as u can see :)) ). Also I'm proud to say that I joined the "girls using Colorstay foundation" club and I'm happy I did. Bought the Garnier hair balm with cranberry and argan oil. My hair is not coloured but it can't do any harm, i think, i didn't bought the shampoo because my hair is verry picky, if i use a shampoo it doesn't like, by the next day i'm full of dandruff. What did u ladies bought today?


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