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Hello ladies!

This week it was the same story as the last one: all work no play (well maybe just a little). I hate this time of the year and just want to end already :))
Anyways, I'm happy to say that this week I've resolved some of my little obsessions, didn't quite have time to replace all of them but still managed to find something :D. So, no more obsessing over silver jumpers or foundation. Yeeey!!! Now that i got those out of the way, let me show you what I've been obsessing about this past week and didn't manage to get (yet!):

Moon manicure

Ever since I first learned about this new manicure trend i was hooked but this week decided to actually buy a gold nail polish and, I'm thinking , maybe a navy one (cuz red i already have). And of course in my incursions through shops didn't stumbled upon a gold nail polish but I'm thinking Monday after my exam i shall definitely get what i need. I'm even thinking of doing a tutorial. Would you ladies be interested in one?

Next, aaah the Ikea Dave Table. Now that I have my new laptop thought that I really need this table because I hate to put it in my lap and think I just might get the table later today or tomorrow because I need it SO BAD!!! And let me show you what I'll be putting on it (you might call this a brag but it's not really, because I'm not that into gadgets - iPhones and iPads and things like that - , the latest technology and this laptop is like the first gadget for me. And it's PRETTY AND WHITE PERIOD :D)

What were your obsessions this week?



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  1. Ce ador teribil la blogul tau: ca pui link de credit pentru pozele care le iei de pe net :D


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