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Evening ladies!

So...I'm thinking that i had quite some shopping trips these days didn't i? But still i tend to buy small little things, a sweater here, a nail polish there. The exam went well and while waiting for the results took a trip to Auchan to make a little window shopping and some actual shopping also. I promised you ladies that I'll be buying the nail polish i need for my beloved moon manicure. Kinda rushed into things and bought the nail polish at the Dristor 1 subway station, navy and gold-ish, don't regret buying the navy one but saw other alternatives for the gold one in Auchan. Eh...doesn't matter...I'll try it this way and if i don't like I'll just go in a few days, when i have my next exam and get another one.

As usual...I have pictures. Not that great and inspiring pictures because the lighting is awful. So here's what i got: Balea Cleansing wipes for dry/sensitive skin, Natty gold-ish nail polish (no. 323), Golden Rose navy nail polish (231), Farmec nail treatment with B5 vitamin and...Femeia magazine with a gift: this lovely, flowery eye shadow palette

First of all. if u happen to find Femeia magazine for February with this palette gift i think u should buy it. It's only 11,99 and the colors feel so creamy and also pigmented, made some sort of swatch to show you now. As i said the light is not that good so i used the flash in order for you to see the colors properly

1st row



Maybe you've noticed that the beige was a little cracked, thus the dust on the palette but it's not bad and i intend to fix it using Koko's trick.

Now...moving to the other things: i decided to get some cleansing swipes for the times when I'm really lazy and not in the mood for the whole removing make-up routine...and all that jazz (like yesterday for example :D ) and decided to buy the Balea ones, will tell you about them some other time. Also i noticed that my nails were sort of brittle, i guess the weather has taken its toll, and as soon as they grew a little, they broke (not that i wear my nails long, but maybe a little) and since I've heard good things about the Framec treatment, went and got it. I won't tell you again about the nail polish but i wanted to make a little tutorial for my moon manicure (figured it's a good way to make my first NOTD post), what do you say? Would you ladies want that?



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  1. wow, ce faină-i paletuța aia...
    și Farmec...e foarte bună loțiunea aia! Chiar voiam să scriu un articol pentru întărirea unghiilor..dar n-am mai apucat..

  2. pey eu pe la tine am citit de tratamentul Farmec...chiar ar trebui sa faci articolul despre intarirea mine m-ai facut curioasa :D

  3. oki, dar nu cred că va fi nimic nou pentru tine:))

  4. si eu am vazut paleta la revista femeia, dar credeam ca nu e prea ok. le-ai incercat cumva si pe pleoape? sunt la fel de pigmentate? se blenduiesc usor? :D

  5. A.M. pe pleoape n-am apucat sa le incerc, uite o sa ma duc acum sa le incerc si te anunt...dar cu blenduit-ul mai greu ca sunt la inceput and sad to say ca inca n-am o pensula de blenduit dar iti voi spune de restul aspectelor

  6. Ok so am incercat sa trag un fel de machiaj, n-a iesit cine stie ce, pozele in schimb, un dezastru. Culorile sunt pigmentate, culoarea pe care o vezi in paleta, aceeasi va fi si pe pleoapa, nu am sesizat vreo diferenta intre ochiul pe care am aplicat primer-ul elf si cel fara primer si din cate am observat se blenduiesc usor. Sper ca te-a ajutat. Eu o sa fac oricum niste swatch-uri la lumina zilei mai incolo


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