Hello ladies!

As sheduled, here's the Sunday post. As most days, this was a busy one as well. This morning got up early and went to get my little obsession, the Dave table, the red one, and it's perfect. When I got home it was all about studying, with little breaks in between to catch up on the ladies' latest posts.

Listened to City FM
Read courses, blogs
Did went to IKEA and studied for my exam
Ate sawseges, mash
Drank water, Coke
Thought that the learning is going well
Got excited about my new Dave laptop table (told ya that i'm gonna get it)
Got angry not
Wished to win the new Asos giveaway
Click  blogs, mail, Asos, courses
Wondered if I'm going to finish studying in time for my exam tomorrow

What did you do this sunny, yet cold, Sunday?



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