Outfit post: Museums night

Hello ladies!

Some of you know that last Saturday was Museums night, a night when the museums are opened at night for visitors and the entrance is free. I might say it's a good idea but every time they organize this event it's horrible because of the hordes of people, the pushing, the shoving and everything in between. What a surprise, when it's free, my "beloved" people rush to the museums. But otherwise, they wouldn't step foot inside one.

Well, we went to The Geology Museum because we knew there would be a sell-out on mineral rocks, crystals and jewelry containing them. We just love our little crystals (actually, he likes the crystals, I'm in it for the jewelry mostly...hihi ;;) ) and wanted to add more to the collection but what a surprise, the prices were much higher than usual and you could barely reach the table to see what a vendor had because of the hordes again. In the end we ended not buying crystals, but at least we went home with some new T-shirts :)))

But still, I liked the labyrinth put together by 2 museums, The National History Musem and The Romanian Peasant Museum. That, we visited and it was very nice, well organized and I got to touch a mammoth's molar :))) And I have a picture too :))) While walking through the maze, you would stumble upon some boxes with a question mark on top and an opening, covered with black velvet, through which you could stick your hand inside. When we saw the first box, my boyfriend joked that if you'd put your hand inside it would be just like in Dune :))) (when Paul takes the abomination test, by putting his hand into a box and keeping it there while feeling it burn)

As for the outfit I chose, nothing fancy since I knew we would be walking a lot but I love every item and can't really decide which I like most :D. While on Calea Victoriei, as we passed by The Observatory I spotted a terrace across from The Observatory building and we went up there to take the pictures.

T-shirt: Zara / Shorts: Lee Cooper / Stockings: Penti /
Oxford shoes: Zara / Bag: MOA / Sunnies: New Yorker

So, how did you spend your Saturday night?

P.S: While finishing this post I received an email from Elf UK with their new offer, to celebrate that 10 years ago, on this day, Helen Sharman was the first Briton into space. Here it is



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  1. engleza asta...pe mine pur si simplu ma ameteste si imi oboseste ochii cititul in engleza...mai ales ca citesc foarte repede,si dupa cateva randuri renunt.de ce nu scrii in romana?mi se pare mai firesc...

  2. @MeMyself&Beauty - pentru ca imi doresc sa ma citeasca si strainii, pentru ca google translate nu-si face treaba cum trebuie, si pentru ca imi ia foarte foarte mult timp sa stau sa scriu postare in romana si apoi sa stau s-o reiau si s-o traduc. Eu cand stau si scriu un post gandesc efectiv in engleza. Dar mai ramane sa ma gandesc la acest aspect


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