April's favourites II Fashion

Hello ladies!

As promised yesterday, today it's time to show you my favorite clothing items of the month. And dare I might say that this is a unique kind of post :D (yeah...I know...I'm a very "modest" person) I mean, some fashion bloggers do a recap of the month post but this is different. And to make it easier and more organized, of course I grouped them :D

Since my clothes are split between 2 places, this time I will use photos from outfits posted (for the clothes I couldn't photograph separately) but as of next month I will be more prepared. And though you haven't seen me wearing some of them yet, patience, you will, another promise :D

Mini Prix silver jumper 

Mini Prix white cardigan

 Black cardigan (DIY lace embellishment and buttons)

Pimkie faux leather jacket - though you haven't seen it yet, I wear it a lot. I like it very much mainly because of its rocker-ish design :D

H&M printed dress - right in the middle of the tops&bottoms categories :D

Bershka red skinny pants - you might say that I have been living in these pants. I love them because they're quite versatile

 New Yorker faux leather skirt - it was love at first sight


Divided wedge booties  - need I say more? :)))

Mini Prix light brown suede booties - they are in such a good condition, after being worn quite a lot and they're so comfy


Penti pink stockings - they go perfectly with the H&M dress, bought them especially to wear them with it
Accesorize J necklace - bargain price and the only letter left. How lucky was I?

Gold earrings - they were a birthday gift and I love them so much. They're so tiny and delicate, I put them in my ears and forget they're there

H&M leather bracelets - lately I have been very into leather bracelets

Soooo...what do you think about my idea? Likey or no likey? Would you like to see it next month as well?


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