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Hello ladies!

Another month has gone buy, and it's time to show you this month's favorites products :D It's nice to do these posts because it offers me and you the chance to see how my routine changes over time, adjusting to my necesities and incorporating the new products that I'm testing. I tried to include different products than the ones in the february post, as you'll now see.

And grouped by categories:

Face products:
Ivatherm Micellar lotion (review coming in the future, but don't know when :D)
Gerovital Plant Moisturizing cream (reviewed here)
Gerovital Plant Eyes and lips contour cream (reviewed here)
Oriflame Optimals White peel-off mask (reviewed here)
Cosmetic Plant Gommage cream (thinking about writing a review)

Hair and other products:
Avon Naturals Moisturising mist hair spray
Garnier Naturals Hair conditioner with cranberry&argan oil (review coming soon :D)
Garnier Deodorant InvisiMineral

Make-up and other:
S-he nail polish No. 375
Golden Rose nail polish No. 165
Farmasi Tender blush on No. 1
Elf Shimmering face whip in Spotlight
Cacharel Noa perfume

I'm also thinking about showing you my favorite clothing items of the months, I've warned you about doing something like this and I think that time has come. What do you think about the idea?

In other news, today's Labor Day in Romania and it's Sunday :)) so no free day from work or school, not this year. How did you spend it? I stayed home and just did absolutely nothing, it usually isn't my style, since I like to go out and enjoy the sun and great weather, maybe take some nice pictures, dress up and all that jazz, but not today.

See you tomorrow with hopefully the post I promised and enjoy what's left of this Sunday/Labor Day!


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