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Hello ladies!

I meant to post this post yesterday, but I worked on the project until 11 p.m. and postponed the post for today. I'm really sorry that I can't devote as much attention to the blog as I would wish, but I am really really happy that I can work at this project! As it turns out, I have forgotten a lot of things, just because I didn't use them and now I have to catch up...but I'm happy!

I have a lot of reviews just waiting to be written but this post comes before them. After all the fuss with the H&M opening (the first picture was taken at the opening on the 25th) on Friday, Sunday i finally managed to actually enter the store :D. Yeah, it was over crowded...still (geeesh!)...but we managed to check out the store, and also look for the items on my list. The first think we spotted was the cute dress pictured here that i knew i just had to have it. Aaaaannnnd...luuuucky me...i managed to score one!!!! The ONLY size under 40, was a 36 and i took it right away! Didn't even try it on because i knew i could return it, because i usually wear the smallest size available (and i guess that would be 34). But it fits, to my surprise but i didn't took the tags off just yet, maybe I'll try a 34 as well because it's a little bit to long, not that i mind, but just want to check.And that was it! For the first H&M store that is :)))) And here are pictures, from the opening, and the dress.
 the queue went around the corner...far far away :)))

The next stop was the other H&M store at Unirii :D. Why? Well, because I stumbled, again, upon this lovely blog: The Shoe Dictionary and there I found this post with all the shoes available at the Unirii store, and once i layed my eyes on the next item, I knew I had to get it, no matter what. Now, about the blog again, told you that I stumbled upon it in the past, precisely, when writing the Finsk post. It was the only Romanian blog featuring those beauties :) Now, without further due...check put these babies
And yet again, I was lucky enough to find my size, again 36 :) Aren't them just awesome? They're not that comfortable for me, since I haven't worn heels that high in a looong time but it's a great workout for my legs ...haha :D

Another think that i wanted to get was that pair of pants from the previous post...but i couldn't find them anywhere :((( Has anyone managed to spot them??? Cuz i want them sooo bad!!!

And i guess those were the main items that I got. But i got myself something else. On the day of the opening, went to Zara to check out the colored pants because I was craving for a pair...or two...haha :D Unfortunately, they didn't fit that well. So went to check out the stuff at Bershka and found the perfect skinny red pants. Oh and my legs look AWESOME in those pants! I also have a pair of flared red ones, also from Bershka (but bought from Mini Prix)
And  last but not least, the little things: 3 leather bracelets from H&M (gifts from my bf) , double ring from Meli Melo, Lena Criveanu scarf (gift with Joy magazine) and that lovely nail polish, no. 165. I also got a headband from H&M (also gift from zah bf) in the same lovely baby blue as the bracelet (forgot to take picture of it)

And another thing I got, some time ago, was a pair of shades from New Yorker and of course I forgot to take a picture of them, and since my camera is at my dad's, can't take one. So I tried to find them on their site, it's not a big picture, but will provide a better one as soon as i can. Notice the awesome pattern on the side?
 So i guess that's it!



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  1. good choice!imi place totul!pupicei,draga mea.

  2. @modniza - mersi, pupici :*:*

  3. super achizitii:) dar primele 2 sunt wow! :) sa le porti cu placere!

  4. @Mika & Miuri - multumesc fetelor :)

  5. Great buys! Superbi pantofi, nu stiu cum de i-am ratat in magazin.
    Sa le porti cu placere!


  6. @The Hearabouts - mersi mersi. Nici eu nu i-as fi vazut, de fapt chiar nu i-am vazut si l-am intrebat pe unu care lucra acolo :)))


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