Goodies from Ab Fab Fair

Hello ladies!

This is just a very quick post. I just wanted to show the goodies I received at the latest Ab Fab Fair. More details on the fair, the people the atmosphere and let's not forget Zah Outfit tomorrow :D The same as the last time, we received 3 Oriflame products, and the same as last time 2 of them where a face mask and lipstick, only this time they switched the nail polish for liquid eyeshadow. 

Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Gel mask
Silky Kiss Lipstick in Burgundy Taffeta
Forever Eyes liquid eye shadow in Cappuccino Beige

I was just thinking lately that I don't have a hydrating face mask and I need one. And now I have it :D As for the lipstick, it's kind of dark for my taste but I sort of like it and have worn it yesterday. And the eyeshadow, it's my first liquid eyeshadow and I will use it as a highlighter during the summer days, after catching some color :D

Swatches tomorrow as I said. And since I got a new face mask I thought it's kind of time to make a review for the peel-off one.

What do you think about my goodies? Aren't they just fabulous? :)))



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