Wrapping up: Ivatherm Trender WOM campaign

Hello ladies!

I thought i should do a post with my thoughts after my first Trender campaign.

First of all I want to thank Trender&Ivatherm for the awesome opportunity to try out which ever 2 Ivatherm products I wanted. It helped a lot. Mainly because we all chose different products and you can now find at least one review for almost every Ivatherm product, which I think it  is a great thing and it's going to help them a lot.

I'm not dissapointed because the Ivadermaseb cream wasn't the one for me, at least now I know, but I do wish to go back and choose the Hydra+ one. With the start of this campaign  I also began using the micellar lotion, previously aquired and I love it! Though I think I am going to give it a rest with the Ivatherm reviews for now since we all had an overdose :)))

I hope we have many more campaigns such as this one and if you don't already have a Trender account, hurry up and get one.



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