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Hello ladies!

RO: Avand in vedere ca astazi nu a fost o zi prea buna, cam ghinionista, d.e. mi-a picat sistemul de dimineata. Asa ca a trebuit sa stau si sa reinstalez sistemul (era solutia cea mai rapida :(), ce bucurie sa stau si sa iau la rand toooate programele mele! Apoi am stat si am facut cateva poze pt post-ul asta, macar asa m-am mai relaxat :)

Asa ca voi face o mica leapsa, daca ati observat nu prea fac astfel de postari, nu ca nu as vrea dar nu apuc, si apoi uit dar astazi ma distrez un pic, si asa imi trebuie.

Sper sa nu va deranjeze dar nu am mai tradus raspunsurile ;;)

EN: Since this was not my lucky day, or actually I have had a little bit of bad luck actually, i.e: system crash this morning. So I had to go through all the trouble of installing a new system (it was the easier choice :( ), oh joy how I love to go and install all my programs again! And then I started to take pictures for today's post, at least that was nice and good for my creativity :)

And today I'll just do a little tag, if you've noticed I don't usually do them, it's not that I don't want, just that I never get the chance to so today I'm having a little fun with it :) 

Here goes nothing :P


Blush or bronzer -> Blush , I don't usually wear bronzer
Lip-gloss or lipstick -> Lipstick, I just hate it when my hair stick to my lips, and all the lipgloss ends up in my hair and off my lips :D
Eyeliner or mascara -> Mascara for sure, never leave home without it :P
Foundation or concealer -> Concealer momentarily, foundation is for reasonable temperatures
Neutral or color eye shadow -> Neutral all the way, though sometimes I crave a little color here and there
Pressed or loose eye shadow -> Pressed for the moment, haven't tried loose yet
Brushes or sponges -> Isn't it obvious? :D Ok, I'll answer anyway, brushes, what a surprise, right?


OPI or China Glaze -> Both, haven't tried OPI yet but I really want to
Long or short -> Short, when they're too long, they just end up annoying me
Acrylic or natural -> Natural, wouldn't have it any other way
Brights or darks -> Brights in spring and summer, darks in autumn and winter ;;)


Perfume or body spalsh -> Perfume
Lotion or body butter -> Both, though body lotion is more convenient :>
Body wash or soap -> Body wash
Lush or other bath company -> Other, I like to experiment different brands


Jeans or sweat pants -> Jeans
Long sleeve or short -> Short. Why am I the only one with this answer? 
Dresses or skirts -> Both, I really can't choose 
Stripes or plaid -> Plaid
Flip flops or sandals -> Sandals
Scarves or hats -> Hats, I have a lack of them and a huge obsession with them
Studs or dangly earrings -> Studs for the rocker chick inside me :X
Necklaces or bracelets -> Bracelets, been wearing them constantly lately
Heels or flats -> Flats, though I have my heels moments as well
Cowboy boots or riding boots -> Oh, riding boots :D Not a fan of cowboy boots
Jacket or hoodie -> Jacket


Curly or straight -> Both, as you can easily notice
Bun or ponytail -> Bun if I had the length for it :)))
Bobby pins or butterfly clips -> Bobby pins
Hair spray or gel -> None :P I rarely use styling products, I stress my hair enough with other things;;). But I do use hair spray from time to time, gel never
Long or short -> Short :X
Light or dark -> Dark
Side sweep bangs or full bangs -> Both, depends on my mood. I usually experiment with my bangs :)
Up or down -> Down


Rain or shine -> Shine
Summer or winter -> Winter ;) 
Fall or spring -> spring
Chocolate or vanilla -> Love to eat chocolate, dark chocolate I might add, and love the smell of vanilla
East coast or west coast -> South, with all the hillbillies :P Just jocking, neither one

I forward this tag to anyone who wishes to do it



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