First impression: Ivatherm IVADERMASEB cream

Hello ladies!

So this was the first product of the 2 from Ivatherm that i got to test. I was very curious to see how the cream works so i used right that morning, after i got the package from the post office.

Now i promised that it's gonna be squams overload :) in this post. I have always had this problem during winter times but ever since my skin has gotten dryer, it's been a general problem. And it's always bugging me, and it made it harder for me to apply any kind of foundation (until i got my Colorstay).  That's why, when i accessed the Ivatherm site to choose the 2 products that i would like to try, and browsed through the problems, when i saw they had a cream for redness&squams i knew i had to choose it.

I feel obliged to specify that this was the reaction after the first use of this cream (leaving the other stuff for the actual review).

First of all, I want to talk about the packaging: I love it! I love face creams that come in a tube, it's hygienic (not getting your fingers in all the cream) and economical (perfect way to dose the quantity) at the same time. I like the information printed on it BUUUT i don't like the fact that the ingredients are not printed on the tube as well. I mean, yeah...they are on the box but who keeps it? Nobody. It's like when i did the review for the Vichy Essentieles cream but could get the ingredients because i threw away the box. So now i have kept the box especially for the review. Another thing i don't like is the perfume. Yeap, as printed on the box, the cream has perfume and you thought that since it has it, it might as well be a nice one. It's not that bad, but if it had say the perfume the micellar lotion has (flowery yet discrete and not irritating) it would be better. 

The cream itself has a dense texture yet not greasy and i always use a tiny pea-like drop for my forehead, nose and chin. I like that! Even if the total amount per tube is just 40 ml i can assure you it will last a long time for this quantity. I use it only in the morning but you can also use it at night if you feel the need.

I knew that i had to put this cream to the ultimate test: the foundation from hell :D Yeah...that's how i call it's the Seventeen Time plus foundation. Now don't throw rocks at me please...bare with me! This foundation has been with me for many years in the past, through out high-school and my first 2 university years. It looked good, natural, no cakey-ness what so ever, the coverage was OK for me. And you can imagine that since i have used it for so long it hasn't caused me any problems. Then i had some problems with my face and gave up foundation, and after i resolved my problems and wanted to get back to my foundation, realised that it didn't work for me anymore. No matter what i did there would always be my forehead and nose squams popping up. That's why i now call it the foundation from hell :D.

So i used the cream for my forehead, nose, chin, left it for 10 minutes and then applied the foundation from hell. The result? Perfect! No squams anywhere. About the redness, it didn't do that much, but it's not that bad  lately and foundation usually solves the problem. I will tell you in the review about the long time results and also make the recommendation for the product.

To sum it up:
 - liking: package, texture, good first impression
 - not liking: no ingredients on the tube, the perfume

PS: will post better pictures tomorrow morning

LE: as promised, the pictures are here :)



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  1. Si eu am folosit de doua ori pana acum crema si imi place, dar inca nu ma pronunt. Ce am observat si eu la toate produsele ivatherm pe care le-am folosit este ca nu sunt scrise ingredientele decat pe nici mie nu imi place acest aspect :(


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