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more boots

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RO: Poate unele dintre voi nu vreti sa vina toamna, sa scada temperaturile. Poate ati vrea sa se prelungeasca cat mai mult vara, dar eu sunt incantata de venirea toamnei! In fiecare an, spre sfarsitul lui August, abia astept sa se racoreasca iar toamna sa-si intre in rol si m-am gandit sa pun la un loc cateva poze prin care sa va arat motivele pentru care eu abia astept toamna.

1. Ab Fab Fair
3. Botinele si cizmele
4. Sacourile
5. Ciorapi si colanti in diverse culori si modele
6. Rujuri mai inchise
7. Unghii in culori inchise
8. Toamna aurie (dupa cum ii spunea diriginta si profesoara mea de desen din generala)

Ce ziceti, voi va doriti sa vina vremurile mai reci sau preferati sa se prelungeasca vara cat mai mult?

EN: Maybe some of you are bummed with the coming of fall and the lowering in temperature, but I, for one, am trilled! Every year, as August ends, I cannot wait for fall to take its rightful place and I've put together some pictures with some of the things that make me look forward to fall.

1. The Ab Fab Fair
3. Wearing my boots
5. Different colored and patterned stockings and tights 
6. Darker lipsticks
7. Dark nails
8. The wonderful colors in the trees

What about you, do you wish for lower temperatures or would you want the summer too last as long as possible?


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